1920s Sheet Music

1920s sheet music during the 1920’s era filled the equivalent role played by television in todays society.

Before radios became affordable to the average family, families who owned a piano would gather around in the evenings after dinner to sing popular songs. Other activities included reading, playing games, or sewing.

Most families with a piano had a collection of sheet music reflecting their favorite artists or Broadway shows. The whole family including visitors would gather around the piano and sing their favorite melodies. It was a great family activity that helped bond the family and it was an opportunity for the younger family members to develop musical skills.

1920s Sheet Music

1920s Sheet Music featuring the Ziegfeld Follies

Above is the cover and last page of sheet music for “Any place would be wonderful with you” by the Ziegfeld Follies of 1920. The Ziegfeld follies were a popular Broadway act during the 1920’s so there was a huge demand for copies of their sheet music. We will be republishing this and other 1920s sheet music shortly.