Since children of all nationalities are fascinated by animals, Putumayo found it only natural to create a collection of exceptional songs featuring animal themes and folklore from across the globe. The 13 tracks on the album will guide listeners on a journey that begins in North America and ends in Africa without skipping a beat in between. Music fans of all ages will want to jump, hop and sing along to the playful, upbeat melodies of Animal Playground.

The collection includes a track from up-and-coming North American kids artists The Wee Hairy Beasties, whose bluegrassy “Animal Crackers” features Jon Langford of the Mekons. Texas singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix offers “Eagles,” a sweet song from a mother eagle to her baby with a little southern twang. Crossing the globe, Netherlands based Samba Salad presents a song about a Surinam crocodile called “Bigi Kaiman.” From Italy, Quartetto Cetra delivers a fast-paced version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” though here it’s “Nella Vecchia Fattoria.” Zé Renato of Brazil leads a call-and- response sing-along that will get kids dancing to the forró tune “Cantiga do Sapo,” about a little singing frog. And Australian children’s music legend Don Spencer contributes an amusing song about using caution when walking near snakes.

Also featured is the video for Asheba’s irresistible Caribbean arrangement of the popular “No More Monkeys!” song. Shot on the beaches of Trinidad, the video creates a magical land where Putumayo Kids’ characters come to life and interact with Asheba and his band of Trinidadian kids as they sing and dance to the playful song.

A portion of Putumayo World Music’s proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society, headquartered at the world famous Bronx Zoo, in support of its activities that save wildlife and wild lands.