Billboard Pop Memories: 1920’s

Billboard Pop Memories 1920’s has a lot going for it according to this review provided on by Nigel D.

I like silent movies and a lot of things that came out of the 1920’s, but before now I had never really heard any of the music. I knew it consisted of Al Jolson and other guys, but again I really never gave it a good listen. This all changed when my school put on a play that was set in the 20’s. The teacher that worked on the play got the CD to give the play a lot more sense of realism (which it did). When I heard the music during the play and intermission… I really thought highly about it. It was the original recordings and they were digitally remastered from the best source available to company that produced it (it sounds REALLY clear for being over 80 or so years old). The next day, I asked my teacher if I could borrow it and she just handed it to me and told me that she didn’t need it any more and that the school had bought it for the play and didn’t need it any more, so I could keep it. I took it home and really listened to all the songs and they were really good. It’s got a variety of fast and slow songs and all of them stayed on the charts for at least 8 week and there are some ranging to 13 weeks on top at #1. There’s Al Jolson, Gene Austin and a lot of other great sounding bands of that time. My personal favorites are “Valencia” and “Charmaine!” (which are both the fastest songs on the album). There may be better 20’s albums out there, but this is the first one that I have heard and I really liked it. Again, all the songs are digitally remastered and have that great 20’s beat to it. It’s great for a beginner to listen to for that great sound of the 1920’s!

  • 1. Valencia
  • 2. My Blue Heaven
  • 3. Sonny Boy
  • 4. Charmaine
  • 5. The Prisoner’s Song
  • 6. Whispering
  • 7. April Showers
  • 8. Swingin’ Down the Lane
  • 9. Ramona
  • 10. Dardanella