Black Beauty, White Heat: A Pictorial History of Classic Jazz

A Pictorial History of Classic Jazz 1920 – 1950

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Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Da Capo Press (March 1996)
Language: English

A must have for any dedicated Jazz fan! This book contains an outstanding compilation of early Jazz pictures. A fantastic book to have on your coffee table!

An essential part of every aficionado’s library, Black Beauty White Heat brings back innumerable memories of jazz’s early days. With more than 600 photographs, advertisements and record labels, the book presents the years of 1920–1950—the decades of the greatest ferment and spread of jazz. Black Beauty White Heat will be a focal point of endless discussion about the origins of jazz for years to come.

Black Beauty, White Heat: A Pictorial History of Classic Jazz, 1920-1950

Editorial Reviews
“Even ten thousand words can’t match the power of these pictures in recalling glory moments. A momentous achievement.” — Studs Terkel

“The most comprehensive assemblage of jazz photographs and memorabilia yet to appear between book boards. It is a fact-crammed work that has many an insight along with the information and pictorial delights.” — W. Royal Stokes, Jazz Line

“The most visually attractive jazz book ever published.” — Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times