Hot Dance of the Roaring 20′s

An audio CD from Diamond Cut Productions of dance music from the 1920′s. The sound quality is surprisingly good and it comes with an information booklet. Most of these rare songs that have not been heard for over 80 years are taken from test pressings in the Edison Company archives. Songs include: 1. Sunny Skies 2. Wipin’ the Pan 3. Hi... continued here

Piccadilly Nights: British Dance 1920′s

Piccadilly Nights: British Dance 1920′s British Dance Band Recordings of the 1920′s. Product Details Audio CD (June 26, 2000) Number of Discs: 1 Label: Halcyon Records UK Track Listing 1. That Girl over There – Alfredo Harry Hudson’s Melody Men 2. Swing on the Gait 3. It’s a Million to One That You Are in L... continued here

The Aviator

While Howard Shore’s Golden Globe-winning score offers a masterful orchestral impression of industrialist Howard Hughes’ troubled psychic landscape, this collection of pop tunes, swing and le hot jazz musically frames the historical eras covered by Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed biopic. The director (always intimately involved in hi... continued here

That’s What I Call Sweet Music: American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s

That’s What I Call Sweet Music: American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s Rating: List Price: $32.99 Sale Price: $64.99 Availability: unspecified Product Description Title from EMI’s 1999 ‘Songbook Series’, which brings together for the first time a selection of cult personal... continued here

Burnin’ The Iceberg: plus more Hot Dance and Jazz of the 1920s

The The West End Jazz Band’s second Rivermont recording proves again why the WEJB is the nation’s premier ‘sweet and hot’ dance band playing jazz and popular music of the 1920s and early ’30s. This time around, the band pays homage to some of the lesser-known ‘hot’ dance orchestras of the late 1920s, includ... continued here