First Sessions 1927-28

First Sessions 1927-28

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Victor executive Ralph Peer found success in the 1920s seeking out remote old-time musicians, but even Peer could not fathom the impact that Jimmie Rodgers would have on 20th-century American music. Two cuts from August of 1927 introduced the world to Rodgers’s fusion of hillbilly music and blues, but “Blue Yodel,” recorded less than four months later, elevated Rodgers to legendary status. “Blue Yodel,” backed with the playful “Away Out on the Mountain,” sold a million copies at a time when 10,000 was considered a roaring success. When Rodgers returned to the studio in February of 1928, seemingly everything he cut was destined for greatness. The jubilant “Dear Old Sunny South by the Sea,” the plaintive “Treasures Untold,” and the gambler’s tale “In the Jailhouse Now” are all defining moments in country music history. –Marc Greilsamer


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