The Complete Wolverines: 1924-1928

The Complete Wolverines: 1924-1928

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Bring On The Wolves! All of ’em!
The Wolverine Orchestra was the talk of the music world and the rage of college campuses–albeit for a very short time. They were truly modern for their time and the records are amazingly fresh and vital today. Their 1924 recordings featuring cornetist Bix Beiderbecke are essential jazz classics, and the rarely reissued sides with Jimmy McPartland are rare delights. However, past reissues of the band have two recurring problems: Sound quality that suffers from over filtering and too much “restoration” and incorrect pitch and ignoring the complete output of the band. Off The Record’s new release fixes these problems.

From the producers of “King Oliver, Off the Record,” comes the definitive reissue of the Wolverines!
Famous for its ground-breaking reissue of King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, Off The Record has collected all of the titles by the Wolverine Orchestra–including the two often-missing Jimmy McPartland sides, and the electrically-recorded sides by the Original Wolverines, featuring McPartland and two other Wolverine alumni and reissued them in stunning new transfers!

Off The Record engineer Doug Benson and researcher David Sager have combed the collecting fraternity and have come up with the best available copies of all the Wolverines and Wolves-related titles. Doug Benson made all-new transfers, carefully chose playback speeds, and applied as little filtering as possible, to provide the most alive restoration of the Wolverines and friends yet! David Sager, whose highly-regarded notes for “King Oliver” garnered a Grammy nomination, has penned a fascinating, informative essay on the Wolverines, with a new spin on their importance and place in jazz history.

Included in the set is a lavishly illustrated thirty-two page booklet, chock full of rare photographs–a few of them unpublished–and rare artifacts: news articles, ads and record labels. Designed by Archeophone’s Richard Martin and Meagan Hennessey, the booklet is alone a delight to the eye!


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